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Chi Siamo

Yourguru: brings the best to your house

The project yourwineguru introduces a new way of wine marketing, thereby providing the best wine products to the European consumer: it counts with not only prestigious but also niche Italian wine cellars, in a direct contact and without intermediaries.

Thanks to the direct relationship which yourwineguru established with each winery, the customer has the opportunity to deepen its history, the production's philosophy and all the nuances of the territory in which it is inserted. A journey to discover the details of each product, including features and combinations.

yourwineguru projects within the company store purchase, with the convenience of receiving what you have selected in their own home.

Quality, convenience but also culture and knowledge: yourwineguru relies on the advice and support of renowned winemakers and experts. The famous Enoteca Marcucci di Pietrasanta (3 bottles Gambero Rosso) gives its seal for the selection.